I can't believe how badly they fudged it up

Mar 06 2011

Well this order from @BestBuy was supposed to replace my @Seagate.

This is the Western Digital 2TB hard drive I ordered from Best Buy. Can you see what’s wrong in these picutres? That’s right kids! The box has been smashed. What you probably don’t notice is how the box is bubbled in some parts and you can’t smell the musty smell from the water damaged.

Can we guess how this happened? Well I can’t guess about the water damage. But the rest of it is because they just shoved the hard drive into a plastic bag and slapped a UPS label on the bag and sent it on its merry way.

Thankfully I had the foresight to not open this pacakge and take it to a Best Buy store and have them open it and they were able to do an in-store exchange. Even the person working the customer service desk was shocked how their warehouse shipped the hard drive.

The Harbor BB in Fullerton didn’t have the drive so I had to go up to the Imperial Hwy Fullerton BB store and was able to do an exchange. This person asked me what’s wrong with it. I told her that the box has been damaged and I don’t want to chance my data on something that looks like it was dropped kicked and sat on and dunked in water.

So I was able to get my in-store exchange. So let that be a lesson to anyone who orders from BestBuy.com.

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