I can't believe how badly they fudged it up

Dec 19 2011

@USPSConnect how much longer til you close 308 W Chapman, Orange, CA?

Because it is not soon enough! 

I cannot believe how rude, inefficient, and inept these clerks are at the 308 W Chapman Post Office. 

I had ordered a package online and wanted it to be sent to my PO Box in another city but due to an error through the company’s ordering system it put my home zip code and city on the label instead of the PO Box city and zip code. Here’s where it gets interesting. Normally if a package going through the USPS has the wrong zip code for a PO Box it is typically returned to the sender. If it does happen to make it to a post office and the name on the box doesn’t match the name on the package it is returned to sender. Not mine. It ended up going to the post office on 308 W Chapman which is even in a different zip code than my home zip code. 

When I saw it was delivered per the track and confirm I wasn’t sure what to do at that point. I did some internet sleuthing and found the PO Box my package was sent to actually belonged to a business. So I got a hold of this person through the busiess and explained the situation. He was very sympathetic and understanding of my plight. He was going to go and pick up my package on the weekend but the office was closed. 

I tried to get a hold of him today but it went to voice mail so I decided for kicks I’d go to this post office myself and explain the situation and see if I could get my package. After all I have the invoice, my ID, the tracking number, pretty much everything I need to prove it is mine. 

I left work and made it to the post office 10 minutes prior to closing. The line was out the door so I waited a few. 5 minutes to closing a clerk by the name of Melody came out and said she is locking up and if you aren’t past the threshold you need to go home. A couple people in line started arguing that there is still 5 minutes and her own words; “I don’t care. You need to leave.” After the others started to quiet down I quickly explained the situation to her telling that my package was delivered to this post office and a PO box by mistake and she cut me off saying that if my name isn’t on the box then it was returned to sender and I need to call the 800 number, as she pointed into some arbitrary direction. 

By this time enough people had cleared so I crossed the treshold along with one other customer and she locked the door. Well Melody expected this other customer to be the official door locker and unlocker and person to shoo away the people who were still trying to come into the office. We waited in line for what must have been around 20 minutes. The same story, people trying to get in after they are closed at 4:30, that’s right they close at 4:30 during the busiest time of the year. This poor girl with her packages being told by Melody to unlock the door, tell them that they are closed. 

Finally I get up to the counter and Kevin’s (I think that was his name) workstation. I explain the situation to him and he tells me the same thing that if my name is not on the PO Box then it was returned to sender. I had the tracking info on my phone and I showed him and told him that it says it was delivered and he said; “I don’t care what that thing says.” So I flat out ask him then where was my package delivered to? He then asks me where it was supposed to go, I tell him my PO Box number. He asks where it was sent to, I said the same PO Box number only here. He then goes on and on about how the system doesn’t really track the packages and he’s doing me a big favor by checking and I am incredibly lucky if they are actually here. He goes takes those 10 steps to the shelf and picks up a small flat rate box and hollers at me what is my name and I holler back my name and then he comes back with my package. 


Now here is how all of this could have been prevented. Melody, if I say my package was delivered and you are closing up. Would it have really killed you to take the minute to go check to see if it was actually there instead of telling me to call that number? You know if I had left, called that number, I would still be without my prescription. Possibly having it refilled again all the while it is sitting on the shelf in your post office because you felt it necessary to be a COMPLETE JERK and not DO YOUR JOB! Unless I am wrong about the job description for desk clerk for the US Postal Service. Does it say be as rude as possible, show no concern for the customer, all the while complaining about how many people are in line, make sure you have customers control the flow of additional customers?

Kevin, if I remember your name correctly, why did you find it necessary to yell at me that you don’t care what the USPS track and confirm website says when it says my package was delivered and I know the address on there was incorrect and it came to this location? Did it really kill you to walk those 10 paces to check if my package was there? It must have been. As much as you were throwing a fit like a 2 year old, each step must have been pure agony. 

Of the course the biggest question is if my name wasn’t on the PO Box and the wrong zip code was on the label then why was this package delivered at all?

Nov 12 2011

How to close a Hotmail account?

It should be pretty easy to close a Microsoft Hotmail account. After all when you go into the account settings there is an option that says “Close your account” under “Other options.” However my experience trying to close my Microsoft Hotmail account makes closing your AOL account look like an afternoon of tea with your best friend. 

Every time I try to close my account I get the following error: One or more paid services or a Microsoft Points account is linked to your account. To close this account, make sure each service is canceled and your Microsoft Points account is closed. I don’t have any of that. I don’t have an xbox and I don’t pay Microsoft for anything. So I reached out to the help forums to try and get this resolved. 

I won’t go into detail but I don’t know how they can call those support or help forums. I searched for people having the same problem that I am and see many people. All of them are getting the run-around trying to get their accounts closed. So I throw my hat into the ring and let the battle begin. They did the same thing, saying it was a problem with another department and I need to contact them. That department refers me back to them. I am supposed to enter a private area to provide additional details but never say how to enter this private area. So ultimately I get the run-around. They want to troubleshoot the issue instead of just closing the account. 

At this point I figure it’d be easier to spam a lot of people to do a TOS violation and get my account closed this way. I will keep trying to get it closed though and see how to actually get a Hotmail account closed. 

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Sep 19 2011

Anyone want to buy my fattie PS3 60GB?

I have had just about enough of SONY’s antics forcing a new update every week to force a change of the Terms of Service on the users. I am sure by now you have all heard about their latest change of the ToS. To summarize, section 15 of the ToS says that you waive any right to have any dispute resolved in a court be it individually or by class-action. Instead you have to do arbitration. However you may opt-out of this by sending a letter to SONY after you have accepted the new ToS and even still you are not able to interact with other gamers online. You can only update your content. Which gets to the other part of the change. They changed some of the terminology of the ToS for the SONY PlayStation 3. You basically no longer are purchasing content but SONY is granting you a license, which I assume may be revoked at any time without cause. Heck, they did that with your hardware already when SONY forced an update to take away the ability to load an alternate OS on the system, who in their right mind wold want to load an alternate OS on the SONY PlayStation 3 and why?

Anyways if you have already accepted the ToS and would like to opt-out of the arbitration here’s where to write.

If you do not wish to be bound by the binding arbitration and class-action waiver in this section 16, you must notify [Sony Network Entertainment] in writing within 30 days of the date that you accept this agreement. Your written notification must be mailed to:


6080 Center Drive, 10th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90045

Attn: Legal Department/Arbitration

I think it would be awesome if everyone sent it via certified mail. That way you have proof that your request to opt-out was delivered plus you will be helping save the United States Postal Service. So tell your friends. https://www.facebook.com/pages/SONY-Opt-Out-Day-September-30/126193360814068

Jul 24 2011

So long @ATT U-Verse, here’s your crap back

Everything is a pain when it comes to AT&T. As you can see in my previous post the installer basically screwed up the phone jacks. It was far worse than I imagine. The day came to finally return all of AT&T’s equipment. I have no use for their wires and stuff so I included all of that. So I had to uninstall their wires. I don’t know much about telephone service but typically isn’t red and green the first pair and yellow and black the second pair? For some reason he had my phone jack wired up to the orange and orange/white pair and no second pair. I tried to rifle through the rats nest to find the red and green he snipped away but could not find it. After I did that and replaced the jack the AT&T technician broke during the install I checked them with a phone, why am I not surprised there isn’t any dial tone?

Anyways I called up AT&T and went through the whole routine of cancelling AT&T U-Verse once and for all. Have you ever been sent to their retentions department? It makes cancelling AOL seem like cake walk. First they purposely make the connection hard to hear and fade in and out. The CSR asks you the same 15 questions over and over in different ways. What will it take to get you to stay, why are you cancelling, and so on. Be prepared to sit on with a retentions CSR for 30 minutes. Finally I got my order number and the instructions how to return the equipment. I ask her if these orders can be combined since I already have an outstanding order for the second receiver. Unfortunately they cannot. This will come back to bite me in the you know what later on. 

When you cancel service with Time Warner Cable you can either have a tech come by and pick up the stuff or you can take it to your cable store. Not with AT&T. Even though they have stores that sell AT&T U-Verse you cannot physically bring your equipment to the AT&T store. You have to take it to the UPS store and it gets sent to their facility in Yuma, AZ. Thankfully you do not have to pay money for this service. However you will pay for it with time. Apparently the system at the UPS store is linked into AT&T’s system for retrieving the customers account and order information. This part in its self took forever. I am guessing it is because it is connecting to AT&T’s network. It took about 15 minutes for all the paperwork to be processed and get a shipping label. Now I have to wait for this all over again for the second order. I could tell that she was getting frustrated having to handle this order. But she said it’s not my fault. She gets tired of all these AT&T U-Verse returns because AT&T doesn’t make it easy. The funny thing is there was another person in the UPS Store returning his AT&T U-Verse equipment too. S we got to talking and it seems like everyone is ditching AT&T U-Verse for the same reasons. 

I told my neighbor that I ditched U-Verse finally and she remembers how excited I was to get U-Verse. Yes, I was excited to get U-Verse. But that was before the data caps, before the upgrade to the DVR that made it unuseable, before the sloppy techs cutting the wrong wires and leaving me without service for 10 days, before the lies about how the average user uses only 18GB a month. The only reason why I kept U-Verse this long is because our building is so old there are no cable outlets. Only a cable line through a hole in the wall. There is no cable hookup in the bedroom. However there is a phone jack and that was the only way to get TV in the bedroom, without having to run COAX along the baseboards. 

As I was leaving the UPS store the clerk made it clear to hold onto the tracking numbers and receipts for at least 12 months. She said the reason is because people are coming back to her saying AT&T is claiming they never received the equipment when in fact they did. I searched google and a search seems to confirm this fact. I scanned my documents in as a PDF and emailed it to my GMail account just to be safe. We’ll see though, I may be back here in a few months sharing the tale of how it took weeks to get the charge reversed. I think if it comes to that I will just contact my bank and file a dispute. 

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Jul 17 2011

So @ATT who is going to fix the crappy install of U-Verse?

The only reason we had AT&T U-Verse is because it was transmittied via phone lines. This means we could have TV in the bedroom. There are no cable outlets in this place since it was built in 1962. Just a cable line coming through the wall. Well now that we are moving into a nicer place that has cable outlets I think it is time to bid farewell to AT&T U-Verse.

But take a look at the pictures above? Do you see how they install their stuff? First the guy breaks the plate from the wall and doesn’t even bother to replace it. Then he has to stuff a line under the plate in the kitchen. What kind of half-ass install is this? To add insult to injury instead of running one continuous line from the living room to the jack in the kitchen he decides to use, I guess according to their terminology, a biscuit.

If I wanted lazy and half-assed I would have done it myself. Finally the biggest issue is that in order to install U-Verse the tech had to cut wires, splice wires, and find unused wires in the wall, it looks like a rats nest back there with all the copper. 

So Friday I called AT&T U-Verse about turning off my bedroom receiver. He gives me all the info and I have to take it to a UPS store and they send it back for me. What a waste of time! Time Warner Cable will come out and pick up their equipment. So after that is all done I mention that I am going to be turning U-Verse off altogether and how do I get someone out here to uninstall everything. He tells me that they don’t do that. So I explained a bit futher. The busted wall-jack, the wires stuffed behind the plate, and all the wires that were cut. Whoever moves in here next will not have working home phone service. He tells me I have to file a claim in order to have this repaired. I asked him why since it is their fault and I don’t want to leave it in this condition for the next people. He just tells me again I have to file a claim. This is some farking bullsheet here. 

I will have an updated post including a recording of the pain of canceling AT&T U-verse and bing sent to their retentions department when I cancel AT&T U-Verse for good. 

May 25 2011

Evil Chase credit cards

I guess it is my own fault for getting the stupid credit card in the first place. Back in 2005 I got the Disney Chase Visa when I transferred my balance from a Capital One Master card because they still charged an annual fee of $60.00. So we moved into our new place in 2006 and used the Disney Chase Visa to furnish the new home and take care of moving expenses. Ever since then a balance of $4000+ with an apr of 27.99%. Recently the APR went down to 16.24%, which is still pretty high. I got my balance down to $3900. It only took 5 years. So after doing some research I decided to give them a call and ask for their “Balance Liquidation Program” and the person I got was real helpful. I explained the situation and I am trying to save money because my monthly mortgage payment went up. He takes my information, income, debts, payments, and all my other financial history and puts me on hold for 20 minutes. He comes back with an offer of 0% APR and a monthly payment of $60.00. I tell him that is an acceptable offer and I would like to do that program. He reads me all the disclosures, another 5 minutes, and puts me on hold for another 20 minutes. He comes back and says I was denied. I asked him why and he tells me that they are never told a reason why someone is denied. I ask him what do I need to do in order to take advantage of the program? Do I need to fall behind on my payments? He had no answer for me and suggested I contact a debt counseling service.

So that is exactly what I did that night and I told them what had happened with Chase and even he was surprised they wouldn’t work with me since I have never been late, always payed more than minimums, and it is just a matter of the balance being high and my mortgage payment is going up. So after about an hour I was enrolled in a debt consolidation program.

In order to make the program really work I had to change the payment due date on my credit cards. So I call Chase again and spoke to Gino Hanko to change the due date to the 4th of every month. It was too quick of a process so I will be interested in seeing if he really did change the due date. 

My other two credit cards were willing to work with me when I called to close my account. They offered to see what APR they could get me and reduce my monthly minimum payments. It is a nice gesture but I believe the program is doing that for me already and by making one montly payment that is one less thing I will have to worry about. 

But after dealing with Disney Chase Visa and their Chase Bank, after they bought WaMu, I will never deal with Chase again. They even returned my letter after I decided to write them to express my frustration. No reply, just returned my letter, unopened. 

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Mar 27 2011

Canceled my @ATT U-Verse internet…almost as bad as canceling AOL.

Kudos to Time Warner Cable contracted employee Brian R. who came earlier than the scheduled time block and got the install done right away. 

Part 1: Customer Service
After I reconfigured my routers and made sure everything was working smoothly I made the call to AT&T U-Verse at 1-800-ATT-2020 or 1-800-288-2020, however you want to look at it, to cancel my internet package. I spoke to Mary and I informed her I wanted to change my package with U-Verse. At the time the package was only broadcast channels on TV and Elite speed internet. Right away Mary got on the defensive; “You want to change your package well I am sorry to hear that.” Really? I haven’t even said why I called and you are assuming that I am calling to downgrade my package. I could of called to add all the channels and HBO and upgrade my internet speed and add phone service. Oh well, at least she already know. So if you need help with U-Verse call Mary because she’s psychic. Anyways I tell her I’d like to discontinue internet but first she had to tell me all the benefits of being an AT&T U-Verse customer and how great their service is compared to cable. I let her spiel and told her no thanks I’d still like to discontinue internet. Again she apologized and said she would have to transfer me over to her retentions department. 

Part 2: Retentions
So after being on hold for a while Angela came on the line and basically reiterated everything Mary had said as far as the benefits of being a U-Verse customer blah blah blah. So I informed her that I still wanted to discontinue the internet. She asked me why and I told her the sole reason is due to the new data caps that will start May 2. She then says that most people will not exceed those caps. I then started to quote articles I have read and said that AT&T have set the caps artifically high so most of their customers would not have an issue with the limits but will soon become more restrictive and overages will become more expensive. I then also told her that it has been reported that AT&T got their 98% of users only use 18GB/mo by monitoring areas they know have little usage. I then told her the real average user will go over their quota by watching a few Netflix movies, updates for computers and video game systems, downloading patches for steam games, WoW, and other common uses. She begins to cut me off and says that all that information is wrong and I told her that without government control there is no outside auditor to know if AT&T is being truthful in their arguement that 98% of users only use 18GB. Her response to that is that if I am that worried about exceeding the caps I should not use the internet as much.

I thanked her for her time and once again told her to cancel my internet. She finally did in protest and I got a confirmation number. So here’s a few tricks I noticed about trying to cancel AT&T services. The first CSR you speak will have no problem upgrading or downgrading your services but will not remove any service from your package. For that you need to be sent to their retentions department but not before the CSR has a speil that is no less than 5 minutes of why you should keep AT&T. After you still wish to remove a service or cancel you will sit on hold for no less than 5 minutes waiting for the retentions department. When you finally do speak to someone in retentions you have to give all your information again and they will not look up your account by phone number, you WILL have to have your account number. It will take this agent a few minutes to pull up your information. The agent will then offer you services you do not have. Then you have to tell this retentions agent why you are calling again even though you have been transferred by the CSR to retentions because you want to discontinue services. Then the retentions agent will reiterate the same reasons to keep AT&T that the CSR did a few minutes ago. After that you will be asked what service you wish to discontinue and why. Then the agent will ask why. Once you give your answers the agent will have their argument as to why your reason is invalid which may include saying you don’t know how to use the service, their competitors, which the agent will call out by name, are inferior and do not deliver the same quality that AT&T has. After the agent realized that the battle is lost their last ditch effort is to insult the customer and blame the customer for the reason for discontinuing the services.

In total the length of the call, according to Google Voice,

+18002882020 3/26/11 58 minutes long


Mar 20 2011

We hate gay people but please don’t stop buying our sandwiches. http://tinyurl.com/4dlc4g6 @chickfila

Instead of throwing my own $0.02 into the mix I will just link you to news.change.org’s article about Chick-Fil-A. Really disturbing, expecially the third to last paragrah…

Dan Cathy once again said this week that his company isn’t anti-gay, just adhering to biblical principles. He added that while he and his company (via franchise donations and/or support through Chick-fil-A’s charitable arm, the WinShape Foundation) will continue to support organizations like Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, and others opposed to LGBT equality, gay people are always welcome to buy chicken sandwiches from his restaurants.

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Mar 18 2011

@Playstation What’s the #1 game on PS3 right now?

System Update! That game is so popular. Every time someone turns on their PS3 they play it.

Seriously though. I am sick of having to do a system update to play a game every time I turn on the Sony Playstation 3. These updates take forever. I am currently waiting for 3.06 to update and it’s at 3% and it only took 20 minutes. This is going to be an all night thing I can tell.

I understand that you threw a freaking hissy fit and took away features that were promised to us when we originally purchased your system and now you are peeved that a hacker found a way around your blocks so we can do what we want to the system we bought from you but give it a rest. We don’t care. The world doesn’t care. You look like total a-holes now, especially pushing a stupid update that is taking forever.

Imagine it was the Sony Playstation Car. All these features and luxury items. Your Sony Playstation Car comes with all the standard safety features plus a premium HD stereo. Then one day Sony wakes up and decides to take away the left channel from your stereo. It still works, just not as well. Then they take away the ABS brakes. Next they take away you HD radio capabilities. Soon you have a stripped down unsafe put put car that takes all the fun out of driving.

This is just like what Sony is doing. Little by little they chip away at the features and capabilities of this system with each update. How many horror stories have we heard about PS3s being bricked by an update that didn’t go as planned. Usually twice a year.

There should be laws in place to make sure stupid companies, like Sony, cannot remove capabilities from your device once it has been purchased and they cannot block any service that the device uses if they change their mind about what standards their system has. I have no problem when Sony pushes an update that makes the PS3 nicer. But I don’t like them taking stuff away from me when I paid for it, a-holes!

By the way in the time it took me to type all that the 3.06 update is up to 5%.

I hope whoever came out with this update has to wait just as long in line to use a bathroom when they have diarrhea.

Does XBOX 360 have Blu-Ray yet?

Mar 15 2011

Yes, I did receive my replacement Seagate HDD however…

I have been shipping packages to work lately since UPS can’t seem to get their act together when delivering to my home. However that is a different WTF, Company?! post for later. As soon as I got it I opened it up and checked everything out and it looked like a Seagate Freeagent 1.5TB external USB 2.0 HDD and I tested it out by plugging it into my computer at work. Keep in mind the previous two units have been on a Linux machine, a Windows machine, and an OSX machine all located at home. This was a completely different network, location, computer, processor, different everything. Guess what it did as soon as the computer gave it a drive letter. The same Click-of-Death that I sent the other two drives back. 

The same day I received an email from Seagate asking if I had received the drive since I had to place a few calls asking where my drive was at and I called him back the next day explaining that I did receive the replacement hard drive but… and explained the whole story. He had not heard of the Seagate Click of Death prior to my phone call and I explained it to him. Granted he was in returns instead of technical support. 

Anyways since this is ongoing I cannot really comment any further. It looks like this saga may have a happy ending after this week and I will let you all know the fate of these refurbished 1.5TB Seagate FreeAgent drives. 

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